Top 3 Questions asked by Ritual Clients

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1 Is 20 Minutes enough While a lot of people like to brag about the hours they spend in the gym that s just ego Who wants to spend countless hours in the gym The time you spend in the gym is an inaccurate representation of your commitment to your health We ve done our homework and 20 minutes is absolutely enough There s a lot of science behind High Intensity Interval Training HIIT and if you dig into the research you ll find multiple studies showing the impressive benefits of exercise programs lasting less than 20 minutes look up Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption if you re interested in the science it s fascinating Really though the best way to find out is to ask one of our clients or come in and try it out for yourself Do the week long trial and you ll feel how 20 minutes is more than enough 2 Is the training tough While none of the movements are complicated or difficult to perform you re no doubt more interested in whether training at Ritual is tough in terms of the amount of effort you have to put in We re interested in helping you get the results you want and doing that involves asking just a little bit more from your body than it can handle While that s almost the definition of tough and it has to be if you want to see results we don t believe that a Ritual session should be an exercise in torture There s certainly no boot camp style sergeant major screaming at you to push out another rep What we mean by tough is that you ll be glad to see the back of the last set of exercises and you re gonna be very sweaty and out of breath at the end But rest assured it will be manageable and safe regardless of your fitness level It s important to bear in mind that tough means different things to a professional athlete and someone stepping into the gym for the first time and different things to the well rested version of you and the hungover sleep starved version What we can say is that anyone can get though a Ritual session not only do we have four levels of progression for a reason the sessions only last 20 minutes and we promise you can get through 20 minutes of almost anything 3 Will training at Ritual help me lose weight The kind of training that we do at Ritual is fantastic for fat loss because it enables you to keep burning calories long after your session is done If you can ask just a little bit more from your body than it can handle you can raise your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours so if you want to burn fat whilst sitting at home watching TV HIIT is the way to do it However you shouldn t regard training at Ritual as some sort of magic pill that will guarantee you ll get skinny While most of our clients do lose body fat and gain lean dense efficient muscle the results you get depend on a host of factors like training frequency training intensity nutrition sleep and stress If you can combine training regularly at Ritual with a fairly clean diet and a decent amount of sleep you re certainly going to get in great shape While losing weight is great we don t believe that the focus of training should be on aesthetics or the raw number you see on the bathroom scales which is why there are no mirrors on the training floor or scales in the locker room We re more interested in helping you move towards your genetic potential defined as your ability to do everything you want to do in life This has little to do with aesthetics and a lot to do with optimal functioning of your body so think of a great looking body as a side effect not the whole point of exercising We offer training that will get you to your most efficient self your best aligned self your most energetic self your healthiest self so you don t have to worry about your health and fitness limiting the way you live your life

1. Is 20 Minutes enough? While a lot of people like to brag about the hours they spend in the gym, that's just ego. Who wants to spend countless hours in the gym? The time you spend in the gym is an inaccurate representation of your commitment to your health....

1. Is 20 Minutes enough? While a lot of people like to brag about the hours they spend in the gym, that's just ego. Who wants to spend countless hours in the gym? The time you spend in the gym is an inaccurate representation of your commitment to your hea...

What is the training at Ritual like?

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The training at Ritual combines both cardio and strength training into one efficient 20 minute session We stick to the no nonsense stuff that works the most effective and safest progressions and regressions of the fundamental human movement patterns Amongst other things the sessions vary daily in terms of the work to rest ratios the order in which exercises are performed and the overall intensity required which means your body is always kept guessing and your progress never stagnates Importantly we don t just randomly throw a bunch of exercises on the boards each morning our proprietary algorithm ensures that over time you get as close to a perfectly balanced training stimulus as possible regardless of how often you come to the gym While the odd session might be quite squat heavy for example there s no leg day at Ritual every session targets the whole body and all its energy systems When you step into a Ritual Gym for the first time the first thing you ll notice is probably the absence of machines We stick to free weights and bodyweight movements for good reason Not only is it more time efficient versus using a separate machine for each muscle group it also means that you build strength in a way that respects the way your body is designed to move In other words we train the body as the machine not with machines we train movements not muscles Doing things this way will help you in whatever it is you want to do in life whether that s competing in a sport carrying shopping bags around or playing with your kids When you come for a session you get your own 40 sq ft pod with your own kettlebells dumbbells medicine balls suspension trainer and pull up rings it s not circuit training so there s no sharing of sweaty equipment We allow a maximum of 10 people to train at any one time which means that everyone gets the personal attention they need in order to train safely and effectively whilst maintaining the motivational benefits of a group setting However just because you re training in a group doesn t mean there s a competitive element to training at Ritual we ll never put you up against another client and force competition of any sort While the idea is to push hard at least most of the time it s not about you banging out more push ups than the person in the pod next to you At Ritual we care far more about good form than the number of reps as using proper form will not only keep you safe during training but also help your body build strength and resilience which you can carry over into real life Hate to commit Try out our 1 week trial pass at www ritualgym com trial

The training at Ritual combines both cardio and strength training into one efficient 20-minute session. We stick to the no-nonsense stuff that works: the most effective and safest progressions and regressions of the fundamental human movement patterns. Am...

Is 20 minutes enough?

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Short answer Yes it absolutely is Long answer Hundreds of studies have been published over the last decade or so on the style of training we do albeit using a variety of different exercise modalities and the research is pretty clear for safe efficient and lasting adaptations it s less about the number of hours you spend at the gym each week and more about the quality of the training stimulus that you get In other words it s all about the effectiveness and efficiency of the work that you do while in the gym In fact it s been found over and over again that with the right exercise format you can achieve in a few minutes what we traditionally thought would take 60 to 90 minutes If you re curious a lot of the relevant research can be found by searching for any of these terms on an academic search engine High Intensity Interval Training High Intensity Intermittent Exercise Sprint Interval Training or Maximal Aerobic Speed You see when done right mere minutes of exercise can yield effects that last 12 48 hours after you re done with your workout Don t take this the wrong way a couple of minutes once a week isn t going to cut it Consistency is important so you should be exercising frequently it s just that you don t need to spend a long time doing it each time Think of it like a productivity hack Yes you can get it done in a shorter amount of time and that s great but you still have to put the hard work in when you re working in order to get your desired outcome Wouldn t you rather be able to get a lot done in a short period of time versus the same amount done over a long period of time This style of training is most often called High Intensity Interval Training HIIT which you can read about here It s not fancy and it s not even new There s nothing revolutionary about what we do at Ritual athletes have been training this way for years for a very simple reason If I m a professional tennis player much of my time is going to have to be spent fine tuning things like specific technical skills and strategy However at the end of the day I still need to make sure I have the fitness capacity and mental fortitude to play a full 3 hour match when I need to Decades ago exercise scientists figured out how to use HIIT to build this fitness capacity so athletes could spend more time focusing on the other important details of the game Although it s been around for a while HIIT is relatively new to the fitness world and what we ve done is taken the effort to scale and adapt this type of training so it s suitable for everyone and not specific to a particular sport We then made that product as user friendly as possible with the primary aim of helping busy people get their fitness done as efficiently as possible In fact HIIT is so well established for it s effectiveness i e getting results in less time per session and with a smaller overall workload that over the last 10 years or so a lot of the research has focused on the benefits of HIIT that stretch far beyond the will this help me look better naked stuff Great researchers have been discovering how HIIT can actually make you healthier on the inside too Amongst other benefits with frequent exposure to this type of training you can increase your VO2 Max greater heart and lung capacity promote fat oxidation so you use fat at a faster rate and more efficiently than before and reduce metabolic risk factors through increased insulin sensitivity basically you deal with sugar better making you less likely to get diseases associated with obesity I don t know about you but these sound pretty awesome to me In more recent years researchers have even been looking into using HIIT for people with heart disease type 2 diabetes and other serious conditions to speed recovery and promote better health That s how well established this intensity thing is When it comes to using HIIT for general fitness the more interesting topic is about the logic that goes behind how we put the workouts together each month The sprint rest repeat format is easy to understand but programming sessions in a way that enables people of all fitness levels to train at the same time that encourages balanced overall development in the long term and that allows people to get the personalisation they need when they need it that s where the magic is It would be easy to wake up in the morning and scribble down a sinister workout on a scrap of paper just before a session starts To pay attention to every detail and variable so you keep people safe while they push hard to balance programs so clients get maximum benefit from their 20 minutes and to consistently provide quality coaching that s far less easy There s a wealth of exercise science research on the completely separate topic of how to keep athletes in balance so they can last longer in their sport of choice Adapting this knowledge to our format of training at Ritual is a challenge we take on every month we meticulously plan and balance variables according to a series of complementary rules for each day week and month We don t just do this because we re insane we do this because we want to create an experience where you can just show up and have things taken care of for you This is also important because with HIIT there is a risk of overdoing it For obvious reasons the industry doesn t want you to know this Sure you can get pretty fast fat loss if you don t pick up an injury along the way by smashing yourself with hour long HIIT sessions 6 days a week but in the long run you run a real risk of getting overuse injuries a weakened immune system adrenal fatigue and other hormonal issues amongst other things Yes too much of a good thing can be bad and that s yet another reason why we keep our workouts to 20 minutes You see with a 20 minute session you can access a whole range of intensities you can get anything from a low to moderate intensity active recovery session in that primes you for a harder workout later in the week to an extremely challenging high intensity session that will stress your system enough to elicit awesome training effects but without pushing it too far As a busy person with a dozen other things to get done today your training should challenge you enough to get the effects you want including the mental and productivity benefits of smart exercise but not so much that you leave feeling fatigued and unable to perform at your optimum Exercise should make your life better not be hindrance to your performance outside of the gym This 20 minute thing is absolutely not a fad it s an actual sustainable life hack For most people this is the future of exercise simply because everybody is time starved With obesity high blood pressure abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels and high blood sugar rates as high as they are globally combined with the sedentary lifestyles that we all lead it s obvious that we need to figure out how to build healthy rituals into our lives The number one reason that people give for not exercising regularly Not enough time 20 minutes today whenever you can sounds pretty manageable doesn t it Be brave Ian

Short answer: Yes, it absolutely is. Long answer: Hundreds of studies have been published over the last decade or so on the style of training we do (albeit, using a variety of different exercise modalities), and the research is pretty clear - for safe,...

There's more to it (part 1)

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We re the gym for busy people Our intention is simple cut out the fluff and help clients get the most out of each training session The ideal session for us might be quite different from what you d expect we re interested in helping you get the appropriate dose of exercise today not the maximum dose possible In other words we re here to help you get an effective workout that complements the rest of your life not one that requires unnecessary sacrifice in other areas of your life This doesn t mean workouts are easy it simply means they are rational and personalised to suit what you need today which is probably a better approach if you re trying to stay healthy and active for a long time In a nutshell we combine cardio and resistance training into one efficient 20 minute session so you can get both fat loss and strength benefits each time you show up We use functional exercises so you can focus on performing efficient movement instead of having to think about individual muscles in isolation Thanks to this every session is a full body workout no matter which day or what time you come to the gym Broadly speaking this sort of efficiency is possible because of a method of training known as High Intensity Interval Training HIIT which is best known in the fitness world as an excellent fat loss tool It s often assumed that all HIIT is the same but it s not There are many ways to do HIIT yet the general assumption is that High Intensity implies nausea inducing workouts an over enthusiastic or unnecessarily aggressive instructor in a cut off shirt yelling at you and walking out the door with wobbly legs It doesn t have to be this way You see there is not a single study that mentions I feel like I might need to throw up as an appropriate indicator of a successful training session In addition there is absolutely nothing in the literature that suggests that the inability to focus at your important 2pm meeting because of a crazy lunchtime workout is a sign of accelerated fat loss There is no research on how fitness should be an exercise in torture and we don t take it upon ourselves to try to torture people In fact our approach is quite the opposite we choose to play a supportive role with a focus on helping you find your best strategy for today Don t get me wrong training at Ritual isn t easy by any means It s just probably more rational than you d expect or than you are used to For example we care far more about the quality of your repetitions than the number of repetitions you perform Instead of mindlessly pushing for faster heavier and more we encourage mindful focused effort Instead of letting clients get lured into the senseless pursuit of fatigue we help craft a much more purposeful and productive approach to training Exercise intensity is a far broader category than people realize and is dependent on a lot more variables than how fast you do a movement The combination of these variables provide the stress or intensity necessary to bring positive change to your body like fat loss It s a complex topic and we ll save that story for another day what s important for this article is understanding that 5 push ups done well can often bring you much more benefit than 15 push ups done poorly Not only does our approach to exercise give you access to the well established benefits of HIIT it also allows you to get them safely Besides the obvious fat loss and lean muscle development benefits that we re known for we re also here to help you build a balanced efficient and resilient body with strength that carries over into the rest of your life For us it s less about the fanciness and sexiness of an exercise and more about the effectiveness of each exercise Life is busy don t overthink it come in get your dose of exercise safely and move on with the rest of your day Be Brave Ian

We’re the gym for busy people. Our intention is simple - cut out the fluff, and help clients get the most out of each training session. The ideal session for us might be quite different from what you’d expect: we’re interested in helping you get the appro...

Client Testimonial: Matt Greatorex

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Matt s a busy man General Manager of Great New Places by day competitive runner by night He s been a member for over a year now and in this post he gives us his take on the Ritual experience Enjoy Complement becomes obsession I started with Ritual Gym as it was the perfect workout to complement the running that I d been doing competitively over the past year and a half It was perfect in the sense of time in train shower refuel out in 30 minutes and the type of workout HIIT However after a few months I found myself training at Ritual more than running It had taken over from just 2 sessions a week to 3 or 4 sessions a week and only 1 or 2 running sessions What a difference it made to my running though stronger faster longer and my recovery time also improved due to the High Intensity Interval Training that Ritual adopts But apart from the training itself which to add is always different to keep your body guessing the coaches are fantastic I have been to many gyms where the trainers just walk around flexing and pretty much make you feel a bit crap The Ritual coaches are friendly approachable happy to give advice and will motivate drive and push you so that you get the maximum out of each workout Also I have to give mention to the choice of smoothies that are on offer WOW Not just tasty and healthy there are about 10 of them to choose from each one having a different level of carb content great for people who are on specific diets If you re thinking about trying Ritual out I d say go for it it s made a great difference for me Be Brave Matt Greatorex

Matt's a busy man - General Manager of Great New Places by day, competitive runner by night. He's been a member for over a year now, and in this post he gives us his take on the Ritual experience. Enjoy! Complement becomes obsession! I started with Ritua...

The Insider's Guide to Ritual: Female Edition

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by Lydia WongWhenever I tell my friends that I work out at Ritual the usual responses I get are questions about the gym and what it s like behind the scenes from the difficulty of the workouts to what kind of guy candy one can see in the co ed changing room Very often my girlfriends are just curious about what to expect if they re part of this gym So without further ado here rsquo s a quick insider rsquo s guide to Ritual for the ladies from the perspective of a happy client 1 An Endorphin Driven Friendly EnvironmentStarting out in any new environment is never easy and worrying about an intimidating gym environment is sometimes enough to stop us Don rsquo t let the black and white utilitarian vibe get to you as Ritual is all about going back to the basics and while it may come across as intimidating at first you rsquo ll be surprised at how friendly and warm the staff and members are here must be all the happy endorphins from the workout I rsquo ve made more friends here in a month than I have in the entire year at work from bankers and teachers to housewives designers and even a female fire fighter You ll definitely meet a wide range of friendly people most likely when you re all hanging out at the Fuel Bar enjoying a hard earned ice cold protein shake after the workout 2 Smaller Classes Equals Better Form and SafetyI used to do Muay Thai as a workout and the number of injuries I sustained was much more detrimental to my overall fitness than I had realised A lot of it had to do with the fact that the classes were far too big for one or two instructors to handle Imagine two trainers having to pay attention to over 20 clients What makes Ritual stand out for me is the level of attention that coaches give each client here with a maximum of 5 clients per coach Having my form corrected means less or no injuries Plus the Ritual people are sticklers for safety Together with their years of experience in fitness and training for both men and women I must say the anxious girl in me really appreciates the assurance I get out of a safe workout environment 3 Too Many Guys You rsquo ll be surprised at how many girls actually work out here When I first joined I was happy that I had a girlfriend to do a trial with me But soon I found out that the girl to guy ratio is pretty much balanced The best part guys usually take literally a quarter of the time to use the showers so we ladies get most of the facilities to ourselves And no need be self conscious about people judging you because of your flabby thighs or belly we are all too focused on our form and breathing to notice anything else 4 Last But Not Least Enjoy the Workout I recall complaining to another gym mate about how I haven t been progressing from Level 1 workouts in the last 3 months and one of the gym owners Brad overheard me And he shared ldquo Hey I rsquo ve been a professional athlete for most of my life and I still do Level 1 sometimes because if you push yourself and make sure you do it with the right form trust me it s just as tough as Level 3 rdquo I rsquo m happy to say that after 6 months at Ritual I can do a jump pull up lift 24 kg in kettlebells and I even completed the Commando Challenge 2015 with the support of the coaches and friends I ve made right here at the gym If someone had told me a year ago that I would accomplish that I would have just laughed and opened another bag of chips If there s one thing I rsquo ve learnt fitness is a lifestyle choice and a habit or even a ritual And the best way to form a habit is to enjoy it in a positive way If you find the workout tedious or boring challenge yourself more or approach any of the coaches they d be more than happy to give you the helpful tips you ll need to up your game Watching your diet is another important factor because no one can out run a bad diet The Fuel Bar and their delicious protein shakes really helps with those cravings My favourite The yummy Vanilla Gorilla So see you at the Fuel Bar Lydia Wong

by Lydia WongWhenever I tell my friends that I work out at Ritual, the usual responses I get are questions about the gym and what it’s like behind the scenes, from the difficulty of the workouts to what kind of guy-candy one can see in the co-ed changing...

Client Testimonial: Mark Bonafide

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Everyone s got their own version of busy and Mark s time is mostly spent making great music In this post he opens up about his struggles with health and fitness in the past and what finally pushed him to make Ritual a part of his life Enjoy Here s my story about sweat My name is Mark Bonafide I am a recording performing artist producer and songwriter I love to sweat but I hate sweating when I m not supposed to sweat But that s a story for another day To start this story let s go back to 2006 By that time I had already been performing for about 6 years In this line of work you can t escape the photos different angles different scenarios It s just part of the job You also can t escape reality for long when you have to look at photos of yourself and unfortunately I remember looking at some new photos thinking to myself WHAT Until I saw those photos I didn t know I needed to lose some serious weight I did some self reflection and realised that I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted For years I guzzled so much alcohol and never cared about exercise I remember thinking I NEED TO STOP As I thought about it more I realised that I was dealing with a lot of personal issues like a bad breakup and that I was seeking out things that would give me temporary happiness Like having an upsized fast food meal with a side of 20 nuggets Oh yeah it felt good during but once each meal ended I was back to feeling miserable It was obvious that I needed to exercise Of course I procrastinated But at that time I was gearing up to be a solo artist and to record my first solo album I thought if I was going to run around onstage have energy and be healthy as a solo artist it s all on me No one is going to be able to cover for me while I take a break during a show I won t get breaks The spotlight will be on me Everything me Damn Ok let s do this I embarked on my journey go to the gym swim do a no carb diet Fast forward a few months I had lost 10kg and really tried to keep to it But as the months went on life got busier and I felt like I couldn t afford the time and didn t have the patience to be fit Until Ritual came along I thought it was going to be like any other gym but realised quickly that it is not at all like the other gyms I tried it and I absolutely loved it I love the fact that you can stroll in a few minutes before your scheduled workout without any gym gear to lug around with you because exercise clothing exercise towels and shower towels are all provided You literally just have to change your clothes put your stuff in a locker and walk onto the training floor for your 20 minute session When you re there the coaches really make it worth your while they are always there to make sure you get the most out of your workout no matter how you re feeling and they are all genuinely nice people By the way when you re done with the workout the experience isn t over They ve got these awesome spa grade showers and other amenities soap shampoo deodorant hair dryers hair products etc all provided that help you walk out of the gym literally feeling brand new I think they call it Ritual because it s something that you want to keep doing every day They make it so easy for you to just give 30 minutes of your time Show up and they take care of the rest For me it s the gym where even lazy people can come in get it done and leave feeling better than they felt 30 minutes before I m addicted to this ritual Be Brave Mark

Everyone’s got their own version of busy, and Mark’s time is mostly spent making great music . In this post, he opens up about his struggles with health and fitness in the past, and what finally pushed him to make Ritual a part of his life. Enjoy! Here's...

Client Testimonial: Charles (Part 2)

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Charles has been a Ritual client since December 2013 He was kind enough to write his first post in December 2014 which you can read here and in this post he expands on his thoughts about what keeps him coming back Enjoy Ritual My Third Place The term third place refers to the social space in a community separate from the two usual social environments of the home and the workplace It could be a favorite caf a pub a park the zoo etc different folks different strokes Hi my name is Charles and Ritual is my third place As a gym much has been said of Ritual It didn t become an award winning gym by being mediocre As far as gyms go Ritual has all the right boxes checked Efficient and effective programming go as hard as you want in a safe environment experienced coaches personal convenience shirt shorts towels hair gel moisturizer etc are all provided awesome locker room showers nutritious and delicious post workout smoothies and the most excellent customer service BUT Ritual is more than just a gym I joined Ritual back in December 2013 and while the purpose for joining was purely self serving to get in lose weight and get out after nearly 3 years I must say that Ritual has become a big part of my life While the purpose of hopping into Ritual each day is to exercise what has kept me around through the years is the community From the familiar faces at the front of house who welcome you by name when you walk in to Uncle Rahim at the Raffles branch who always has a smile for you to the shake whisperers who remember your go to shakes used to be a PB amp J aficionado but Doc Brown for the win and of course the coaches who take you out of your comfort zone each time but bring you back before you fall off the edge Ritual has changed the way I look at fitness I am not the most patient person when it comes to achieving a goal If possible I would want to achieve 8 hours of rest with 1 hour of sleep and that impatience carried over into my fitness in my case weight loss goals I wanted to be visibly fit fast operative word being visibly I jumped from gym to gym personal trainer to personal trainer fad diet to trendier diet and at one point took pills that claim to incinerate fat Nothing really worked and the little that did work didn t last But Ritual worked Why Maybe it s the scalable efficiently programmed workouts That s probably a large part But to me the differentiator to why Ritual works is the community around the programming While the programming is excellent and gets you well set up on your fitness journey it is the community that keeps you going Who you travel with makes or breaks the journey The best destination with the worst company would suck but fortunately for me my fitness journey over the past 3 years with my Ritual family has been an experience I would not trade for another I posted a before and after back in December 2014 and I wanted to add a third frame to that picture So from left to right September 2013 September 2014 June 2015 While I am not yet where I want to be I am definitely closer than I was yesterday and am looking forward to tomorrow As Ritual expands and opens up in Holland Village I couldn t be happier for the Ritual family keep doing what you do as no one else does it better See you around Be Brave Charles

Charles has been a Ritual client since December 2013. He was kind enough to write his first post in December 2014, which you can read here, and in this post he expands on his thoughts about what keeps him coming back. Enjoy! Ritual – My Third Place The...

Do what you can

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In a recent blog post we talked about how waiting for the perfect time to go all in on fitness and healthy living can be frustrating and might not be the best approach In a similar vein if for some reason you re stuck in a position where you aren t able to train as much as you d like to or as hard as you want to it can get very frustrating and can sometimes cause you to want to drop your healthy habits altogether Perhaps you ve been committed and consistent but unfortunately have 3 weeks of travel coming up this month for work Or maybe you fell while playing soccer and bruised your elbow and the doctor says you ll be fine but you can t do upper body exercises for a couple of weeks Most of us know this type of frustration and some of us allow a setback like this to drag us into a whirlpool of defeat booze and ice cream As fun as that can be there s an alternative If you choose to you can reframe this situation and use it to strengthen your resolve it s all dependent on your perspective Instead of fixating on what you can t control and getting upset at that you can decide to focus on something productive like truly learning to appreciate and take care of the one body you ve been given This might also be a chance for you to develop patience which is going to serve you well in the long run because in the grand scheme of things these small obstacles are just minor blips and adjustments you need to overcome Perhaps most importantly this problem can be seen as an opportunity to show yourself and the people around you that you re going to keep doing what you can despite the setback You have a chance to hold your ground and show yourself that you re willing to adapt and learn so you can keep on this path no matter what happens I can t do that but I ll do what I can I m not encouraging you to train through injuries or destroy yourself with crazy late night workouts when you travel I m encouraging you to work around the issue It s less about making progress and more about staying consistent and committed Something is better than nothing and a little bit will do a lot more than nothing at all If you can t make it to the gym use the travel program on the app It s not as good as doing an actual session but it s better than that feeling you ll get when you come back after 2 months of no exercise Not enough energy to push hard Go for a long walk or a bike ride instead Not enough time Pick a single exercise do as many good reps as you can in 60 seconds and move on with your day A few hours later pick another exercise and do the same thing At the very least do the lizard pigeon and core warm ups when you wake up or before bed Do what you can and appreciate that at least you can do that One of the hardest things to do is to come back after a long layoff where you ve been inactive and lazy especially when you know you could and should have done more You ll remember how strong and fit you used to be and dread the thought of the amount of time and effort it s going to take to get back to where you were In contrast if you ve been focusing on doing what you can you ll remember how strong and fit you used to be but instead be excited that you can finally get back into the groove of things You ll be able to think to yourself I m back and I can t wait to push hard again with a big smile on your face This fundamental difference is powerful Do what you can your future self will thank you for it Be Brave ian

In a recent blog post, we talked about how waiting for the perfect time to go 'all in' on fitness and healthy living can be frustrating, and might not be the best approach. In a similar vein, if for some reason you’re stuck in a position where you aren’t...

Despite the chaos

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Life gets crazy for all of us Whether your current struggle is building your business relationship issues parenthood or getting through your last semester in school everyone is familiar with the heaviness that comes with hardship I am not here to try to help you reframe your struggle or compare your struggle with someone else s I m here to acknowledge that life does get difficult sometimes And what I feel I have to offer is a tool that may help you stay sane despite the chaos While it may sound a little out there to talk about exercise as something that can help you make everything more manageable we ve got a lot of clients that would stand by that opinion You see if you do it right structured physical exertion can be about more than just setting aside a little time to focus on yourself If you choose to do it it can literally become the one small but significant thing you have control of each day That s one win you can count on today that is good for you no matter what else happens today Having this ritual to fall back on might be more powerful than you think Take a second to think back to a time when exercise was regular in your life It s not uncommon for people to notice that with regular exercise it s easier to find a groove in life a rhythm to your week On top of better sleep better energy and better mood regular training can help you feel sharper and more prepared to take on the day You feel stronger and more resilient not just physically but mentally It s also easier to stay positive about life when you get that regular stimulus During training you get to clear your mind and just focus on tuning in to your breath movement and intensity When you complete a good session once you steady your breathing and celebrate the victory there s a short window of stillness that comes coupled with a sense of accomplishment and this grants you quick access to a brief state of clarity patience and control a much needed big picture view of everything else that s going on in life It s almost like that short intense calculated struggle helps put your bigger life struggle in perspective making it more manageable albeit probably not any easier Whether or not you experience this in your own practice or even agree with this it s probably still a good idea to get that quick win of a good workout whenever you can Once you re done with it you re automatically more productive than a lot of people today And you ll have the satisfaction of knowing you re slowly chipping away at a great side project your health each week despite the chaos You ve got 24 hours to use each day you can t change that Chances are you re not going to get to do everything you want to today Some days you ll feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of the day On other days you ll feel tired but somehow restless or agitated too Each day try to prioritize a couple of things that seem to help you feel that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction Realize that you re better with those things in your life despite the chaos Be Brave Ian

Life gets crazy for all of us. Whether your current struggle is building your business, relationship issues, parenthood, or getting through your last semester in school, everyone is familiar with the heaviness that comes with hardship. I am not here to tr...

It's On You

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It s often underestimated how much effort is actually required to foster and sustain positive change In previous posts we ve talked about how the keys to success include creating sustainable habits and intentionally playing the long game Today s topic is an add on to these and the message is a little harsh but often necessary if you want change it s on you Let me explain There are lots of services products gadgets and people out there that offer fitness Some services will help you stay accountable and create conducive training environments and some feel cold impersonal and uninviting The former will likely make it easier for you to keep coming back and the latter may require a little more effort However regardless of the type of service you choose your progress is largely on you Sure you can choose a service that s fun or that provides better training but ultimately the reality of it is that the best program in the world won t be able to force you to show up if you just don t want you to Having access to the best service won t bring you results unless you actually use it Similarly nobody is going to be able to get you to start eating broccoli and spinach if you don t want to Positive change like improving your health and body composition requires you to take personal responsibility for your thoughts and actions While this might sound obvious our experience has shown us that people often take a couple of years to really get comfortable with this thought and I m hoping that reading this might help accelerate the acceptance process for you The part that most people don t realize is that to truly take personal responsibility you often have to to adjust how you perceive things For example you might be at a point where you know to aid your performance in the gym you should start eating better quality food or getting better quality sleep If you view this situation as restrictive and frustrating it s going to be really hard to stick to the new habit especially when you re tired at the end of the day and just want to eat something convenient However if you instead choose to view the change as something you want because you know it ll give you cleaner more regulated energy levels throughout the day and keep you in a better mood on top of being able to do better at the gym the task seems much more manageable and desirable The whole thing feels more positive and encouraging because you re choosing to focus on the good that will come with this new change You put yourself in a position that s better suited to playing the long game Instead of feeling restricted you re setting yourself up to feel more liberated and empowered The same concept applies to the exercise you do You can look at physical activity as torture as something you have to force yourself to get through but that will make it a struggle for you every time you think about exercise Instead you can choose to connect with your body embrace the challenge enjoy the feeling after a good session and find strength in the fact that you aren t afraid to push hard If done right you ll find yourself trying to fit more of it into your week because it s something you want to do It often takes people a couple of years to cross that line and fully realize that if they want change it s on them The real life changing stuff comes only after you ve taken personal responsibility for your own health It s at that point that you really start getting what you want out of the fitness services you ve chosen My hope is that by reading this post you ll feel inspired you to start forming your unique version of why I want this and what this means to me so you can start to make the changes you want Don t be afraid to live the life and love the vegetables Do it for a clear mind and a healthy body and for your own deeper reasons why Don t work against yourself work for yourself Be brave enough to take charge Ian

It’s often underestimated how much effort is actually required to foster and sustain positive change. In previous posts,we’ve talked about how the keys to success include creating sustainable habits and intentionally playing the long game. Today’s topic i...

Client Testimonial: Tiana

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Tiana has been a client for about a year and a half and runs a cool health and wellness website Tayste sg that showcases gut friendly gluten nut and dairy free real affordable eats and recipes for people with food intolerances or allergies In this post she talks about her inspiring journey to vibrant health Enjoy Patience perseverance endurance those are three qualities I ve never had especially when it comes to exercise With exercise I ve mostly been a let s try something out for a few months or let s do that once or twice a week and see type person I was what you d call a non committal exerciser This type of mentality about exercise never actually bore any fruit or brought any real results for me So when my husband lost a whopping six kilograms after his first year at Ritual 20 mins per workout 3 times a week I was stunned Did he do anything extra Was his diet plan sensible All I knew was that Ritual was the only gym he was going to and that he had one of their meal replacement shakes after each session Given the yo yo type of exerciser I was I thought perhaps Ritual was going to be the game changer I had been looking for At that point I was really out of shape my second baby had just turned one and I was still trying to lose that last 5 kilograms that wouldn t budge I was using some cardiovascular workout videos and doing some Zumba on and off during this time Mostly I didn t feel connected to the body I had Emotionally the pregnancy was difficult and I had gained a substantial amount of weight over 20 kilograms I managed to lose most of it with diet plans but I was unsure if I would ever see a remotely toned belly ever again And so my journey began The plan was simple go to Ritual 3 times a week No procrastination no excuses rain or shine As prepared as I was mentally for my body to obey my will the going was tough Ritual welcomed me to the world of burpees mountain climbers squats and deadlifts Every squat hurt Each burpee wasn t properly executed Deadlifts completely new territory And the sets were often fast paced and high intensity I was hardly ever even a low intensity kind of girl and I m now doing high intensity stuff I struggled with every session at the start That being said Ritual is the place where when you struggle you get even more support from the coaches You get taught the right ways to go about doing the exercises especially when you re struggling Soon you start to realise some of the benefits to training at a high intensity it s mind clearing stress relieving and leaves you winded enough so you can t think about anything else while you re doing it I carried on this way for a while tolerating the burn from week to week and then one day 8 months into having made Ritual a habit I found that my muscles and body had finally gotten more used to the burn and the sessions started to feel easier Hurray it was the first time I felt I had reached some kind of milestone and that in itself was a reward It was at that point that I realised my transformation had really begun because the thing that made me so uncomfortable from the outset I really began to love my Ritual workouts My focus shifted from my weight to my health and my personal best Ritual became a cheerleader for my fitness goals and a place where I found community friends inspiration support and so much more Now 1 5 years into my Ritual journey I know my health and fitness is a constant work in progress There aren rsquo t any shortcuts I ve lost the weight I set out to lose but now instead of focusing on the scale I rsquo m more interested in how well my body functions what kind of exercises will make me stronger and what other things I can do with my health that will keep me around for my family for a long long time Ritual got my fitness sorted and showed me what my body was capable of doing and that changed my mind about how I felt about my body I just wished this could have happened to me earlier in my life so thank you Ritual for giving me a new lease of energy reviving my once tired spirit and body so I can now go pursue all the other things I enjoy Be Brave Tiana

Tiana has been a client for about a year and a half, and runs a cool health and wellness website,, that showcases gut-friendly, gluten-, nut- and dairy-free, real, affordable eats and recipes for people with food intolerances or allergies. In th...